Collective exhibition
Curator Rafael Jiménez
30/05/19 - 26/07/19
"Tomorrow it will be a different day", a question about how to speak from the present, from the creation in the present and from the act of resistance which is to be an artist today.
The exhibition includes a small panorama of Andalusian artists or in relation to Andalusia (Alexander Gross, Demetrío Salces, Marta Nieto, Salvador Jiménez donaire, Vanessa Morata, Little, Lola Zoido, Manuel García Cruz, María Morilla, Chema Rodríguez and Rafael Blanco) exploring their poetry and concerns. The exhibition is activated as a space where, as small dialogues between eleven artists, the works are related to each other by contrasting completely different languages, means and aesthetics.
Resist from today, count the present as the only way to generate future. Andalusia appears as an axis or common feature, containing a brief panorama of active artists not yet inserted into the dynamics of the canonical market and whose work and formats are not yet common in the gallery-space. There are as many possible Andalusia as forms of being, so many new referents building a present without prejudice of origin and with languages renewed and made from the south. In fact, the main feature of the exhibition will be the difference between languages and the heterogeneous as a quality.
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