FEBRUARY 21 - 26  2017
The eighth edition of JustMAD took place at the COAM in Madrid, and for the third consecutive year, Gregorio Cámara was its director. For this time and again the fair accommodated the proposals of the emerging artists, reinforcing its commitment to the galeristic proposals and emerging alternative spaces both Spanish and international.
Our proposal is:
- Carlos Faura. He researchs on chaos and order, on the counterposition between the fantastic and rational, on the shadows and chance... Specialized in iron as material, it has evolved from the dark page or corten to the incorporation of color.
- Pablo Maeso. In his work the individual is the key, the main character of his vision of the world; his characters are an alter ego of himself. Maeso is characterized by a meticulous but simple realism in elements, seeking in this way to reinforce the argument of his pieces, his small stories. Clean, smooth colors remind us of the pop painting of the '70s, its frames to film scenes.
- Rafa Jiménez. Transitions between past, present and future; differences between history and memory (personal and collective), as well as ownership of iconic images and scientific processes related to the reconstruction of history. After having tried various materials he tested the plasticine, first applying it on images already produced directly distorted photographic files evolving to the direct application on the blank support.
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