FEBRUARY 23 - 28  2016
JustMAD is an art fair designed to serve as a platform for the promotion and diffusion of the most emerging contemporary art. The search for new galleries and artists makes the work of visibility an exercise aimed at putting value in a highly competitive market. Gregorio Cámara repeats in the direction of the fair in this second edition in which the emphasis is on strengthening the general section, creating an educational program, and generate complementary content that makes JustMAD a multidisciplinary cultural experience.
Our proposal:
- Álvaro Escriche. Professional who develops a multidisciplinary artistic work, based mainly on photography.
- Carlos I. Faura. Artist who alludes to the poetry of the void, of the hollows and interiors that constitute the true support of the form. As a protagonist, oxidized steel by treatment with acids, schematized forms inspired on many occasions by papiroflexia works.
- Rafa Jiménez. The multiplicity of points of view from which an objective fact occurs, its interpretation and relevance as well as its manipulation to generate new meanings has occupied much of his personal work in recent years.
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