MAY 16 - 19  2019
It is a pleasure Modus Operandi Gallery to participate in the 2nd Edition of Just LX with two of our artists. In this case we wanted to present the work of Rafael Jimenez and Sergio Lardiez, whose common link is the representation of the movement and the transformation of the role of the spectator through interaction with the work of art.
- Rafael Jiménez, graduated in Fine Arts in the specialty of engraving and design by the University of Seville in 2012. Interested in the mechanisms through the collective imaginary that forms our history is constructed and in the way these elements are opposed to the individual processes that articulate the memory. Time and memory, two manipulable concepts, whose nature is embodied in the work of this artist through the distortion and deformation of recognizable iconic images that have acquired the status of untouchables and indisputable.
- Sergio Lardiez (Madrid, 1984), having positioned himself as a photographer on the national scene thanks to his work as an actor portrayer, is currently focused on the artistic side of photography. His new line of work goes beyond the aesthetics itself. The result is a work of heartbreaking beauty. In the words of the artist himself:
 "My work happens in that space where beauty meets the truth. In that moment when two souls connect to tell something ephemeral. The photograph is that instant that was ours and now it is forever".
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