NOVEMBER 15 - 18  2018
Modus Operandi had the pleasure of participating in the this fair, considered a reference for its specialization in art on paper. We were part of 45 galleries, universities, workshops, art centres and associations.
The artists we collaborated with in this event were:
- David Arnás, focused primarily on the representation of real or imaginary characters, has an original and brilliant language, shows the great acuity with which he analyzes the faces and the psychology of the characters and the freedom with which he solves the rest of the pictorial surface.
- Elena Guerrero, part of the observation to translate in her works the beauty of the everyday through evocative images that represent moments of the most immediate reality, delighting the spectator’s senses and making him reflect on what he sees.
- Lucie Geffré, whose work is characterized by the tensions and contrasts which are created between the abstract and the figurative, the treatment of the colors, the subtlety of the details and the gravity and the expressiveness that their figures transmit.
- Miguel Tadeo, who recreates in his works his surroundings, everything which is close to him, what surrounds him and makes him restless. His working methodology is based on a previous photographic study of the object or character, a way of approaching it, of studying it in detail and then representing it with total luxury of details.
- Rafa Jiménez finds in the plasteline the perfect ally to develop the theme which he addresses in his compositions. Interested in the mechanisms throught the collective imaginary is built and in the processes through which the memory is articulated. His works propose a reflection on time and man through the distortion of recognizable iconic images.
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