“Life is a series of collisions with the future, it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.”
- Ortega y Gasset -



Modus Operandi Arts and Production, is a pioneer  enterprise in Spain in the field of creativity, culture and digital content industries (ICCyD). Born in 2012, it brings together all creative activity (art gallery, edition, audiovisual production and theatre), focusing on innovation and technological adaptation, to reach even the European and Latin American market.

It stands today as a constantly developing creation platform, which aims to support and promote initiatives which need to be channeled, with the firm proposal of recovering the idea of​​‘living space space for the experimentation of senses’ that sculptor Alberto Sánchez defended.

Thus, we dedicate ourselves in creating a multidisciplinary net that unites Art in its broadest sense, establishing a link between our artists and authors with those who one day left their mark. Different generations, techniques, languages and styles, will enrich their individuality and flow of dialogue with society on which its works are dumped.

Our objective is to produce and promote cultural market and activities with the intention of spreading the Spanish idiosyncrasy beyond our borders. We've already established agreements with ICEX, the Institut Français of Madrid, the German gallery Pashmin Art Gallery and different restoration centers in France.

In the coming years we expect to participate actively in the cultural industry, to become a leading company in national and international level.

Our leitmotiv is the search, rather than the conquest itself. The task of the developer must be like a tireless Sisyphus that despite relentlessly warn the impossibility of its efforts, it gives up its role. ‘We will look as if we were to find, but never find but always having to look’ (St. Augustine).