Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda
12/09/19 - 21/10/19
The uniformity of the space typical of modernity gave way with postmodernity in the eighties of the last century to the diversity of time. With the recognition of the linguistic structure of artistic production, narration and theatricality were introduced. Art ceased to be a mere object and the viewer became an agent, also allowing the inclusion of elements not necessarily artistic such as gender or social uses.
In this exhibition, Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda has established a stimulating dialogue with the gallery space, installing several pieces that refer to the concept of anguish and that have their origin in different experiences of his own childhood and the family environment. And it has done so by articulating a symbolic discourse with various ramifications through which the viewer can travel and confront their particular and hidden anxieties in this kind of social dystopia in which we live? forced to an endless pursuit of happiness through the accelerated consumption of objects, emotions and the planet itself. We are witnessing the full validity of the spectacle announced by Débord and defined not only in terms of representation but also in the social relations of capitalism to subsume everything within representation: "[the spectacle is] a social relationship mediated through images" .
A representation that, in the case of the roles that individuals play in everyday life, the artist suspects could be similar to the assignment of roles to actors by the author of a play and, therefore, condemned to repeat them every day and every night when the curtain opens or closes.
Text by Jorge Díez
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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