Nuria Blanco
19/11/20 - 11/01/21
During the Madrid Craft Week and in collaboration with Madrid Capital of Fashion, the Modus Operandi Gallery is hosting the Terra exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Nuria Blanco.
Under this title Nuria presents us with a collection of terracotta pieces in which the clay, taken from the same earth and turned by the potter Julian Aria de las Heras, plays the leading role. On this occasion, his usual tableware has been replaced by pots and decorative objects and sketches, pieces also hand-painted, one in which the drawing stands out and shines on them thanks to the two firings that Blanco applies. The pieces are enameled only inside, but the techniques used allow their use and manipulation without fear of deterioration. Traditional crafts made exclusively with the hands, but with modern and original designs.
Terra is a different collection from what the artist has us used to seeing, especially because of the color palette and the different materials that she has used. With all this, Nuria intends to give value to the land, its color and its texture, although without losing her style and her usual animal house.
Land (from Latin Terra), which means "dry". Crumbly material that makes up the natural floor. The surface of the earth's crust, composed of mineral and organic material on which plants grow and animals live.
From this definition all the inspiration for the collection has come out, which is made up of 15 unique pieces, of different sizes, shapes and motifs and where sketches, drawings and a series of videos will also be shown that will make the visitor enjoy a complete sample and only.
Nuria Blanco (Madrid, 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist — drawing, engraving, painting, photography — who after completing her studies in Fine Arts and as a Superior Technician in Engraving and Printing, has not stopped experimenting and evolving. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and his work has received recognition on numerous occasions. For a few years, he has used ceramics as the main support and his firm has already become a benchmark for design in the capital.
Inaugural video of "Terra" by Nuria Blanco, and "Cuarto Creciente" by Lucia Díaz Barrales exhibitions.
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