Some resumes seem to be forged around academic decorations, not Sfhir. Fascinated by drawing since he was a child, his beginnings in graffiti go back to 1995, when at the age of fourteen he was expelled from the institute for being discovered painting with spray. Back in the classroom, his art teacher imposed a paradoxical sanction on him: he urged him to repeat the work, this time on the wall of the institute and with the approval of the center.
Sfhir is an artist difficult to classify, he is a graffiti artist, urban artist, muralist, three-dimensionalist, experimentalist and many other isms. In his works he combines graffiti with various tools such as airbrushes, pistols, brushes or rollers. Artistic exploration is the key to its evolution, far from being restricted to specific artistic labels, each new project is a break and a new learning. He has works made exclusively in ballpoint pen on paper (Boligraff), as well as other mixed techniques and fire on wood (More wood, Souls ...) or ephemeral illustrations made with laser pointers that fade, agonizing, at the same time that they are being created. in a literary game (Lumen) are just a few examples of the diversity that encompasses Sfhir's work.
She has made the short film Brut Nature as a screenwriter and illustrator. Her latest collection, Humanimals, a postmodern reinterpretation of the bestiaries, has been exhibited at the Modus Operandi Gallery as an ambassador for the Nanaísta avant-garde as well as at the Duran Auction House. Continuously has experimented with a multitude of techniques, chiseling every detail in a laborious, almost obsessive way, to achieve the crudest hyper-realism. Dissect reality and capture it in a graphic, overwhelming way, through an acid filter and, at times, bloody. Varied themes and a common element in all his works: haunting realities. A sentence written on a New York train left him forever marked: "I just know that I can't stop."
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054