"My relation with photography has a perpetual connection with drift whose soundtrack always accompanies the creation process, forming a fundamental part of it. The years when I began to take it more seriously, it was a fun and self-taught stage that laid the foundations in which my way of understanding photography is still grounded. Those aimless first steps, with a camera rescued from continuing to accumulate dust, were decisive to understand the basic fundamentals and begin to develop a technique that I do not consider completely mastered. I receive training by myself. growing interest in portraiture although I ended up dedicating myself to fashion photography by a series of coincidences.This facet gives me the opportunity to investigate light and develop a studio photography mainly focusing on fashion photography and portraits.
The drift, again, wants my career to be interrupted due to a motorcycle accident that seemed to sentence me to give up photography. Thanks to people who are very close to me, I use photography as therapy and later manage to work for large firms as well as various publications. At the same time, I started to use the phone in my day to day life, it was then that music took on even more prominence since the same device allowed me to take pictures while listening. As a result of this new way of taking photographs in different cities, I was fortunate to find my own style, not only visual but also the way I communicate with the viewer. Leaving the door open for each person to complete their own vision of the different images. With this premise change of equipment, I experiment far from the comfort of the urban environment, I continue to use my mobile for specific projects. More and more I dedicate time to projects parallel to purely urban photography, changing all the necessary factors to execute them. Music continues to have a notable role
Ps: the drift to which I refer is the one postulated by Guy Debord, not so much that of Vetusta Morla. "
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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