12/09/19 - 21/10/19
A few years ago, back in 1995, Sfhir found in graffiti and urban art the way to express himself and unleash his personal concerns. Since then it has not stopped evolving and experimenting with different techniques and materials of the most varied nature, such as airbrushes, pistols, rollers, fire on wood, pen on paper, photoluminescent paint on canvas, etc.
With all this, this "urban writer" as he defines himself, conceives an art that is out of the ordinary, an art that is difficult to pigeonhole and label. These and other most surprising techniques are those that the artist uses to express himself in his continuous search for perfection. An incessant exploration that may be due to a phrase he read on a New York train and that has been with him ever since: "I just know that I can't stop." His graffiti covers the walls of many cities, both nationally and internationally. Many of them have become true symbols of street art; and it is that the Sfhir brand "Wanted for illegal art since 1995" has already traveled several continents.
Leaving aside his work as an urban muralist, his works usually contain a strong critical charge that incites the viewer's reflection. In this sense, the exhibition welcomes pieces of the most varied nature. Some of his Humanimals series with which he breaks with the established codes and proposes an ironic revision of them; others conceived from mirrors that challenge the viewer; sculptures that subtly and not less forcefully address the environmental problems of modern societies, three-dimensional images that seem to come to life ... In short, it is a representative sample of the artist's work, not only on an aesthetic level and formal, but also technical, which will allow the viewer to get closer to the surprising work of this multidisciplinary artist.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054