A dialogue between Rafael Blanco y Carlos I. Faura
22/10/20 - 23/11/20
Under the title "Shelters in pause", the artists Rafael Blanco and Carlos I. Faura star in a dialogue meeting in which they share meanings. Geometry, deconstruction to rebuild, rhythm and musicality of the pieces, pause and emptiness, space and habitability, repetition, shelter ... are some of the concepts that we find in the work of both artists .
Taking geometry as the protagonist, between both works common ties and synergies are created in which tradition merges with contemporaneity. Iron, wood, fire, spray paints and acrylic markers coexist and alternate in the exhibition space. His works converge in a common place, in a kind of refuge in pause in which it is possible to enter, stop to observe and generate connections and spaces for reflection.
Shelters in pause, is an exhibition that connects, suggests and opens up paths, but also leads us to question basic aspects of our lives, are they in an act of geometric repetition put in a cube called a house and delimited by time and time? activities themselves?
Rafael extracts the geometric shapes from the impact that humans make in the fields with agricultural machinery and tools. He works the landscape from the rhythm created by the lines, curves and shapes that are repeated incessantly throughout the vast expanses of land. He takes these forms as graphic resources and composes his pieces taking into account the rhythm of the landscapes and the musicality of these domesticated prints. Blanco incorporates geometry, commonly used to represent the city and the most urban social changes, as a way of reclaiming rurality in the sense of not isolation, but on the contrary, of moving towards sustainable development at all levels. The use of the basic CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) that are used in four-color prints and with whose mixture a more abundant color in nuances and therefore a hyper-reality is achieved, serves to capture his interest in digitization and the balance between the virtual and the physical, and how the network and communications affect society, especially in rural places that tend to social, economic and cultural isolation. Likewise, the deconstruction of reality and its subsequent construction on the canvas, together with the attempt to move away from the binary or dichotomous thinking of the human being, leads him to the use of black and white and the entire range of intermediate grays.
Carlos's work is defined by the use of iron and by the game he establishes with empty spaces. In his case, Faura creates his sculptures because of the spaces that he frees, not because of the mass that he builds, being almost more important than the matter itself. This is where the beauty of his work lies, in the pauses and silences that exist, although they are also very rhythmic and melodic pieces. Interested in architecture and industrial processes, iron allows him to create a skillful play of perspectives, lights and shadows, and lines and shapes that are repeated creating different transits, almost labyrinthine, where weight, volume, materiality and its relationship with space. Thanks to all this, the artist achieves not only unexpected and intimidating balances, but also the most amazing and unique geometric figures through which it is possible to gaze and wander through their forms. He has recently begun to introduce burnt wood into his compositions, which gives his works a more natural slant, that of forge fire where iron is traditionally forged.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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