Rafael Jiménez; Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 2012, he began his career in the world of graffiti and urban art creating murals and participating in numerous events throughout the national territory, exploring different expressive languages ​​around painting and urban space. . Graffiti led him to New York to establish contact with some pioneers of urban art and later to a stay with the archaeological team Cuevas de Nerja in 2009, both experiences being a turning point to dedicate himself exclusively to painting and plastic work taking into account the deformation of the image of the past the axis of his work.
It is curious that in the Age of Image Perfection, or the search for an idyllic or perfect reality, artists like Rafael resort to distortion to reflect on the passage of time and around concepts such as showing an incipient memory, the history, the trace and the subjective vision. With this, and from the appropriation of iconic, historical and popular images recognizable by all, the transitions between past, present and future and the differences between history and memory (personal and collective) are evident.
The multiplicity of points of view from which an objective event occurs, its interpretation and the deformation of the image and the story through its manipulation to generate new meanings has occupied a large part of his personal work in the last seven years. From a perspective in which the idea marks the expressive medium to be used, he develops paintings, drawings, installations, projects and actions that respond to his vision of art as a way of “being” in the world and as a means of manipulating its context.
The transformation it gives to the iconic works of Art History that are part of our collective memory is surprising. Despite the alterations it makes, the reference work it represents is clearly detected. However, it also makes use of more personal “archive” images, albums, photographs and common places so related to our identity but which at the same time are part of everyone's memory.
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