Pablo Maeso (Barcelona, ​​1964) began as an abstract painter at the end of the 80s in galleries del Borne. In 1999, as a realist painter, he participated in the exhibition “Realismo de Catalunya”.
His work is characterized by being of a meticulous but simple realism in elements, which allows him to reinforce the argument or tell small stories. His works represent a not real world, but if possible in which the individual is the key. Surprising situations, people around him, strangers "endearing" or "heroes" of the entertainment world are the protagonists of his paintings painted with realistic brushstrokes.
It is a painting, in the best sense of the word, literary, in which the clean and smooth colors remind us of the pop painting of the 70s, and its frames of cinematographic scenes of the time. The individual is the key in his vision of the world, his characters an alter ego of himself.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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