Oliver Roura (Barcelona, 1978). His work does not fit into the traditional parameters of painting. Despite the fact that his work is exhibited -for now- on an aluminum support or that he works directly with paint, his creation procedure is completely different from conventional techniques. While a traditional painter works by adding layers of paint one on top of the other, he does it the other way around.
But beyond this alteration of procedural order, there is something else that distances it from traditional painting. The fact of working with plastic materials allows you to add layers that do not contain chromatic information, totally transparent, that generate voids, grooves, spaces that, in relation to the rest of the pictorial layers, generate almost sculptural volumes, almost as if they were bas-reliefs . This aspect allows him to question the formal limits of painting to transgress and reflect on the environment of the pictorial space.
The pronounced chromaticism and saturated color of his first creations have gradually drifted towards a more relaxed chromaticism, generally monochrome. This invites us to an immersive experience, which invites us to enter sensorially and without distractions in the color, rhythm and internal structure of the work. But beyond this process of formal maturity there is also a step forward in the conceptual field.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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