Miguel Tadeo recreates in his works his environment, everything that is close to him, what surrounds him and causes him concern. His work methodology is based on a prior photographic study of the object or character, a way of approaching it, studying it in detail and then representing it with total luxury of detail.
Consider that a painting is a complex message with a doubtful ending, it should impact and store an idea of ​​mystery that denotes its timelessness. Perhaps that is why I enjoy the nude, because it gives the work that timeless character that in turn highlights our fragility.
His artistic training dates back to his sixteen years, in the classic teacher-apprentice workshop. Afterwards, he was preparing to pass the entrance exam to the Fine Arts degree, although finally his training turned towards two new careers in Restoration of Cultural Assets.
Paradoxically, a restorer is totally forbidden to use artistic skills as a dogma is to be completely faithful to the work and its creator. This creative drought and the fact of not being trained through an artistic career strengthened his null need to paint in company and debate about the forms of expression of each one. For this reason, he has never claimed to be part of any guild or style trend. His nature and work have been fundamentally governed by a deep loneliness that he tries to keep in mind, because he knows that he defeats you when you forget it.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054