Lucía investigates the transformation processes of matter with a poetic reading of scientific concepts. Marking the dynamic and vibrant character of the geological, it explores the formative forces of nature while penetrating cultural and spiritual dimensions. With this he meditates on magic by studying it relating it to art and science. In her work there are already recurring themes such as time and history, death and magic, etc.
Salt, water and ceramics, worked with a forge that cooks at a temperature of more than 1,200 degrees Celsius. Natural elements to generate geological art or use the natural geology of art to create. It uses a technique based on salts, water and ceramics that it has been developing for some time and that due to physical-chemical conditions the work is changing, growing little by little to infinity with saline geometric shapes maintaining the figure that contributes the ceramic dressed in frosty ice. A process that can be stopped if you want or let Nature surprise you.
In her works science is mixed with popular culture and magical feelings. They are presented as a science disguised as magic, housing objects that grow at will in a kind of mineral happening. She plays with the connections between organic and inorganic matter, seeking and granting physical-chemical processes an important part of the development of his work.
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