Carlos Maté y Elena Urucatu 
13/02/20 - 16/03/20
This project is a laboratory: A set of experiments, reflections, machines, sketches and prototypes behind the idea of ​​the octopus as a ghost of extinction.
A laboratory that is structured around two ideas:
The dark side of the technique understood as Pharmakon (the idea of ​​something that is both a cure and a poison ... human knowledge and the technology that has created us at the same time destroys us ... And the figure of the octopus as the ghost that would shape this moment: the animal capable of surviving a mass extinction and evolving by developing a brain and intelligence at least similar to ours is at the same time the monstrous Kraken of the past.
The same animal that will survive us if we bring the planet to collapse once again threatens us since ancient times ... The demon from the past would be at the same time a ghost that threatens us from the future, the ghost of the Anthropocene.
We can only fall in love with that aesthetic of extinction. Understand the landscape of devastation that we have created as an aesthetic ideal, as an ideal state. We need art to shape our own destruction.
If modernity dreamed of the future, the Anthropocene dreams of ghosts of the present seen from the future. The specter of extinction invites us to imagine a tomorrow in which an alien geologist in the form of the terrifying octopus of the past detects the layers of our existence. A brief flicker in Earth's history ... in the eye of an alien.
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