As is usual in his sculptural work, Casanova uses the human figure to tell us about the world, about human relationships and, ultimately, about the lights and shadows of the human being.
Often distorts, deconstructs, or encloses shapes to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story.
Beyond the virtuosity and dynamism of the forms and compositions that make up the universe of figures that the exhibition hosts, there is the dialogue that can be established between each of them and with the viewer, which combined with its poetic approach informs at the same time of the aesthetic and the conceptual.
Concepts such as the beginning, friendship, family, mutual support, collectivity, loneliness, exodus, work, etc. they meet together with others of greater complexity to show the concerns that underlie the artist's mind and present a rich landscape of figures with multiple significant contents.
José María Casanova has made numerous exhibitions and public sculptures nationally and internationally and has works in museums and public and private institutions in Spain, Mexico, France, Panama, Holland, Germany, China, the United States, Indonesia, etc.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054