His work asks about the close and ambiguous relationships between reality and fiction. They generally start from cultural themes, both academic and popular: A multitude of references to science, literature, philosophy, music, science fiction, cinema or architecture, which often leads them to establish different collaborations with other artists and scientists from Different fields.
They work through sculpture, video, installations, design or live actions with the aim of questioning the limits of current cultural or biological systems. A strategy consisting of diving into the blind spots of science and technology as an opportunity for knowledge through art and lateral thinking. They try to create scenarios that refuse to accept the idea that there is a separation between the objective and the subjective, where logical thinking has freed itself from the blindness to dream. Let art be the key through which to interpret the world. Create real elements that reflect the complexity of our world, that must be filled by imagination and creativity that seep through the cracks of knowledge.
Perhaps the key to his work is the inability to reach reality through reason. Reality, like human knowledge, appears to us immense, terrible. It makes us understand that reality is invented by us. Through our mind, culture, and art, we glimpse some glimpses to which we are giving a unity that allows us to live.
In their work they try to talk about how the force of creativity can with everything, how reality is rarefied until it acquires the disturbing quality of fiction. How art makes sense by delving into the cracks that separate the subjective from the objective, the fictitious from reality, the tangible and the imaginary, what is not seen and is not seen ... and above all what remains hidden. They want people to wonder if what they see is unreal, or that what they dream is real ... or above all to wonder if there is any real difference between them.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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