Carlos has a degree from the Francisco de Vitoria University. He is the promoter and cultural manager of Navel Art - contemporary space for artistic creation and production in Madrid. He has received numerous awards and scholarships such as "El flechazo 2014", Flecha XXIII Contemporary Art Fair, Antonio Gala Foundation Scholarship for Young Creators (2013), among others.
His work is exhibited at the Antonio Gala Foundation in Córdoba, at the COAM in Madrid, in public places such as the Meco in Madrid, and in private national and international collections.
His work is defined by the use of iron and by the allusion to the poetics of the void. In his pieces, the interest in materials and industrial processes stands out, exploiting the possibilities of said material to build pieces without a pedestal very close to architecture. Faura creates his sculptures from the spaces that he frees, not from the mass that he builds, being almost more important than the matter itself. This is where the beauty of his work lies, in the pauses and silences that exist, although they are also very rhythmic and melodic pieces.
Interested in architecture and industrial processes, iron allows him to create a skillful play of perspectives, lights and shadows, and lines and shapes that are repeated creating different transits, almost labyrinthine, where weight, volume, and materiality and their relationship are combined. with space. Thanks to all this, the artist achieves not only unexpected and intimidating balances, but the most astonishing and unique geometric figures through which it is possible to gaze and wander between their forms. He has recently begun to introduce burnt wood into his compositions, which gives his works a more natural slant, that of forge fire where iron is traditionally forged.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054