Scar, body, fragility, identity, clinic. Gravitating around these concepts opens the lines of research and critical and artistic experimentation that Barbara G.F. Muriel seeks to explore.
Part of the reflection on his own bodily and biographical process to rethink identity from another place in the margin of the normative ideal and fictions of normality. Interested in the clinic's discourse and its imaging technologies, she works directly on magnetic resonance imaging of her head, with the aim of extracting these sequences from the medical-diagnostic gaze and introducing a critical displacement.
In this process of intimate reappropriation, the needles embroider fragments of a body woven from narratives and pathological and normative discourses, but also erratic and dissident. Clinical data and taxonomies become, between fabrics and embroidery, intimate portraits, raw and radical nudes; other forms of self-portrait where there is no face, there are no identifiable features, there is no sex, age or skin color, and where the scar emerges as a sign of fragility, but above all as a mark of survival and a condition common to all living bodies.
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