Lucie Geffré 
16/01/20 - 11/02/20
Under the title Asonances the artist Lucie Geffré shows us the original version of the drawings that have illustrated the pages of the last book by the author Andrés Amorós entitled “Words of love. Anthology of universal poetry ”. Along with this set of charcoal drawings, the artist presents another series of paintings and pieces on different supports.
If there is something that characterizes Lucie's work, it is the subtlety of the forms. His strokes draw figures that seem unfinished or incomplete and this is precisely where their beauty lies. Human faces, animal figures and everyday objects are the protagonists of a scene or landscape that, even being in the background, acquires enormous importance and meaning. In this way, the artist creates a game of tensions and contrasts between the abstract and the figurative.
The solitude of the figures and the abstraction of the backgrounds accentuate their intense and disturbing presence, managing to portray what is not seen, but is felt. The treatment that he makes of the colors together with the subtlety of the details and the gravity and expressiveness that the protagonists transmit determine the originality of his work.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054