Ana Jarén (Seville, 1985) began her professional career in the fashion communication sector in Madrid, the city where she currently resides. The continuous relationship with designers, stylists and magazines fueled her most creative facet, giving rise to her first jobs as an illustrator.
Over time, illustration became his way of life, his main job. She lived for some years in the United Kingdom and Belgium, taking advantage of all the stimuli that these countries offered him in order to develop his own style.
In her work, Ana pays attention to the beauty of life, people and everyday scenes, stopping with pleasure in the small details. Many of the protagonists of her works are among icons of domestic popular culture, in home settings, living with products of daily consumption.
The world of feelings and emotions occupies a preferential place in his work, presenting the characters in evocative contexts that will be completed with the viewer's own experience.
Ana Jarén works mainly manually, mixing techniques such as markers, pencils or acrylics, and she enjoys it as much as when she was a child. His preferred work medium is paper, although his works can also be found in murals and other formats.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054